Advisory Board


Gilman Hill’s Advisory Board was born of our belief that all institutions can benefit from the experience, knowledge, skills, and creativity of carefully-selected individuals who are not involved in the day-to-day operations or management of that business.

Specifically, our belief is that this external perspective:

  • Enhances our ability to identify and effectively address the evolving needs of our high net worth and institutional clients, and of the consultants, advisors, family offices, accountants, and tax and estate planners who are involved in our clients’ lives
  • Supports our efforts to lead the industry with respect to investment and operational best practices
  • Strengthens our insights into the global economy by giving us top-down and bottom-up input from exceptional thinkers with extensive, real world experience in a variety of industries

The Advisory Board consists of a diverse group of men and women with real world experience in a range of industries, including finance, law, marketing, media, politics, and consumer goods.

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